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When you are going through the steps of finding your ideal home, making an offer, and eventually financing your purchase, home appraisals often provide integral information.

A home appraisal is usually conducted when a prospective buyer and potential seller are working out an acceptable price for a given piece of property. The appraiser, an independent, third party who is certified by the state, conducts a report to determine what the actual market value of the home or property is.

Home appraisals are influential, because the listed price for a home and its actual market value may be different. To determine if a home is overpriced and to provide accurate financing options to prospective buyers, home appraisals are often invaluable. AEXACT APPRAISAL COMPANY can ensure that you are getting what you deserve.

When conducting home appraisals, our appraisers file a report that includes:

• Reasons for Value―This is generally a comprehensive overview of why the appraiser has placed a certain market value on the given property.

• Condition―Factors like the size, permanent fixtures, degree of renovation, and other improvements are taken into consideration when we are ascribing value.

• Concerns―Structural problems, foundation issues, potential hazards, and other concerns are noted by the appraiser.

• Surrounding Location―Factors like the location of the property, the development of the surrounding area, established value of neighboring properties, and more are considered.

• Market Analysis―A study of the market trends in the area over the last several years and a comparative analysis of the neighboring properties are used within the home appraisal process.

If you are interested in a home appraisal, or any other appraisal service, please contact AEXACT APPRAISAL COMPANY at 847-710-5114.

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