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Real estate appraisals can be necessary for a variety of reasons. If you are going through the process of refinancing, foreclosing, or selling your real estate, or if you are currently undergoing a divorce or legal issue, knowing the value of your property can be necessary and advantageous.

When our expert team at AEXACT APPRAISAL COMPANY is conducting any real estate appraisals, our qualified and certified appraisers are seeking the property’s market value. Most real estate appraisals culminate in a written report that explains the reasons for the determination of any given property’s value.

There are several reasons why real estate appraisals are useful:

• Location―All properties are different and vary based on the type of property, degree of renovation, and many other factors. Location is a key factor in determining value. The development of the surrounding area and the established value of neighboring properties are just some of the factors that play a role in the valuation of any one property.

• Written Appraisal Report―Your state certified appraiser will provide you with a written report outlining the value of your real estate or property following an inspection. These reports prove useful for a variety of applications including the obtainment of mortgage loans, divorce proceedings, tax issues, and much more.

• Price―Real estate appraisals are necessary if you ever decide to place your property or real estate on the market for sale. The difference between market value and eventual price can sometimes be disproportionate when real estate is finally bought or sold. Knowing the true market value of your real estate ensures that you are in the most informed position when you are considering the purchase or sale of any given property.

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