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At AEXACT APPRAISAL COMPANY, we guarantee our customers the most accurate and detailed residential appraisals in the Cook County, IL area. Rest assured that any appraisal report conducted by our professional staff will be up-to-date and reflective of current market trends in your area.

Residential appraisals are beneficial for both your peace of mind and the reassurance of any bank or loan provider who will assist you in the financing of your prospective residential property.

Whether we are appraising single family homes, condominiums, estates, multiple unit apartment complexes, or any other residential property, an appraisal from AEXACT APPRAISAL COMPANY guarantees a few things:

• Buyer Awareness―We want you to know the market value of any residential property before you make an offer of purchase. The market value and the listed price are not always the same, and residential appraisals will ensure that you know what your prospective property is actually worth before you overspend or over-invest.

• Guarantees to Loan Providers―Any bank or potential financing provider needs the reassurance that a loan request is justifiable. If the residential appraisal report comes back stating that the property is worth far less than the sale price, your loan may be declined or rescinded.

• Peace of Mind―You should feel confident that your property is valuable and comparable to the investment you have made. Seeking residential appraisals for the properties you are interested in makes you knowledgeable of the market value of those properties and ensures that you are completely prepared. We do not want to see you overspend or be taken advantage of.

For more information on residential appraisals in the Cook County, Lake and Dupage Counties, please contact our staff at AEXACT APPRAISAL COMPANY for assistance today! (847)-710-5114.

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